So. its been a while hmm..

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Well its been a while since ive made a post (A long while)

So i figured id make a quick post with this outfit.

Suit – AOHARU_BT_Pinstripe_FormalSuit_Set_Black – AOHARU

Shoes – Adam n Eve M109 – Adam n Eve

Gloves – S2L Leather Gloves – S2L

Hair – .::MADesigns Hair::. Natural BLACK ~ AKAMI – KMADD

Skin – Neo V2 Tan Shaved Hair Eyeliner Haired – Damiani Fashion Design

Glasses – Rayon – PrimOptic


Fancy Footwork

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So heres the scene. Your getting ready to go out on the town and your putting together your outfit for the night. Then comes the part where you need to pick out your shoes. Anyone who has searched for a nice pair of mens formal shoes knows there are a LOT on the market… but not a lot of them are up to scratch. So what do you do? Well, I suggest you head on down to Adam and Eve and grab yourself this great pair of stylish mens shoes.


Now honestly, I don’t usually get surprised by shoes seeing as I tend to be very picky with them. But I was pleasantly surprised with the sheer craftsmanship gone into this elegant yet masculine shoes. The texture is well done on all four of the shoe tones, the shine is perfect, not over done and looking like someones gone at it with the liquid paper. And lets not forgets the excellent sculptie craftsmanship that went into these sweet treads. Defiantly impressed me when i first put these on my feet. Want to know the real kicker though (no bad pun intended!)? They’re only 249L a pair, or you can buy all 4 pairs of these sweet shoes for only 700L. Tis a steal, I tells ya!

FancyFootwork Full

Fancy Footwork Rundown:

Skin – Damiani Fashion Design – Neo Stubble Skin Normal
Hair – Laqroki – Roulette – Black
Top – Armidi Gisaci – {Gisaci} Liscio Vest – Charcoal
Pants – Armidi Gisaci – {Gisaci} Ruvido Slacks – Annerire
Tattoos – InkD – InkD Tattoos <Tidal – Full Body> By: Laylah Mistral
Shoes – Adam n Eve – Adam n Eve Shoe M109

So in ending just remember. Great shoes are hard to come by and rarely come at such a great low price, go get a pair or 4 today. You wont regret it!


Sey What??

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Hey hey guys!

For today’s post I’m going to be covering something that most don’t seem to realize. You can be dressed on a beach and still fit in (yes that means those appalling Speedo’s can stay in your gym bag). With this look you can feel comfortable on the beach and yet still be able to walk around town afterwards without changing (convenient).


Managed to snap up this great hair from Find Ash, a Great Anime/Jpop themed hair store (and this hair’s quickly becoming my favorite); the shaggy demeanor suggests a relaxed fun personality, just what you want when you’re chilling on your beach. Also available in a wide selection of colors including tipped (remember guys, individuality is what you’re aiming for so try to avoid black black and more black). Along with the great piecing set I picked up from DEEK’s and the Finesse glasses from the store I covered in my last article sitting on your head, the face is looking good. Moving on!


This great tank top comes from Muism, a unique styled store with great taste and wide variety. The slight transparency is what you’re looking for to show off those abs yet still feel covered; a perfect combination, the black doing well to offset the brightness of the pants. Contrast is good when used wisely. Complimented by the frankly awesome backpack board combo I picked up at Action, it gives the fun flair you want when carrying off this look. And let’s not forget about the Awesome Cuff from Sey, with an excellent selection of customizable textures available at a click of the wrist, makes this little joy a great thing to have with any look.

*makes trucker horn pulling motion* Moving on!


These awesome creme Clopped pants from Aoharu is just what you want with this look, intentionally scruffy yet still respectable enough to wander the busy streets of your seaside town comfortably, the light color working with the shirt to get that great contrast going. So what if it rains you say (if you live in England anyhow)? Well, you pull your Awesome Hoodie from Sey from around you waist ‘n throw it on, a terrific accessory and one of my regularly used items. Complimented by the sweet Chucks from AKEYO, you can’t go wrong in completing your Beach Head look.


Sey What item Rundown:

Skin – Damiani Fashion Design – Neo Stubble Skin Normal
Hair – Find Ash – “FA”Calm Gangster[Amber Brown]
Top – Muism – *Muism* 20% transparency Tank top/Black
Pants – AOHARU – AOHARU_BT_CloppedPants_White
Tattoos – InkD – InkD Tattoos <Tidal – Full Body> By: Laylah Mistral
Glasses – PrimOptic – primOptic glasses – Finesse
Jewellery – Deeks – DEEKS Industrial
Bracelet – Sey: – :sey Leather wristband-with textures change-[Xsmall]
Shoes – Akeyo – AKEYO shoes CHUCKS
Accessories- Sey: – :sey Maki2 hoodie_v2[camo]
Accessories – *Action – *Action UNISEX Backpack – Gray/Zero Skull

So when it comes down to it guys you have to remember those Speedos’n oiled chests aren’t going to get you anything besides a few weird looks, but a subtle, fun-loving look will get you the attention you want. Just remember, it’s good to be different; try it sometime.

And that’s all from me.


P.S Special Thanks to Laylah Mistral for these Shweet tattoo’s Originally made for females, But i pull it off pritty well huh 😀

P.S.S And as always thanks to my epic buddies Alia n Scar for helping me out

Smoke Break

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We all have those times where we just want to chill out half way though a hard day’s work and relax. And that’s exactly what this look is about. The “I work hard and rest harder” idea is a tried and tested look, easily usable in a variety of situations. Want to stand out at a formal party? Nothing says “I’ve arrived” like walking in with your collar up and your shirt bottom pulled out.

Went with Uncleweb Studio’s hair for this one. They’re one of those obscure Japanese stores that pop up once in a while with awesome quality and great prices, the two best qualities for any store to have 😛


The shoes are from Shiny Things, a quality, well known name that always keeps their prices reasonable for their craftsmanship. Soft white leather with a durable sole is just what’s needed on a working man’s feet.

The great pleat shirt comes from AOHARU, a Reasonably new name to my ears but surprising good quality and very original. The white silk tie comes with this shirt but other ties are also available in-store, with other shirt colors. The upturned collar is of simple design but really makes an impression – Just what the doctor ordered. 😛

Pants are from Armidi (well the Gisaci division of it), tight fitting yet ruffled at the bottom, great for a formal look gone scruffy. The transition to the shoe works well with the gradient from the shirt.


And my glasses? Well, those are from a personal favorite of mine for eyewear, PrimOptics. Great customization options (there’s like 12 pages of colors in there for tint alone) and awesome prices. The squareness of the glass suggests intelligence but the low sitting across the bridge of your nose shows your relaxed state. Perfect for a man on a break.


Skin – Damiani Fashion Design – Neo Stubble Skin Normal
Hair – Uncleweb Studio – Uw.St Jeff-Hair brown
Top – AOHARU – AOHARU_BT_PleatsShirt_Black
Pants – Armidi Gisaci – {Gisaci} Ruvido Slacks – Annerire
Glasses – PrimOptic – primOptic glasses – Rayon
Shoes – Shiny Things – (Shiny Things) Murphys – Almost White
Accessories – Brought via SLexchange – ::Slim & WILD Cigarette:: Marlmoro

This look is one that can be easily changed and morphed to suit your personal needs. Remember guys, its all about personality. Your clothing gives that vital first impression. Don’t rush, feel your way into your own style and remember: Its always good to chill out on that lunch hour. =)

– Karr.


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Hallo WORLD!

Hey hey! I figured I would write a little about myself, seeing as this is my first blog post (yay!). Well, where to start. From the top? Okay, well, here goes. I started Second Life around 2 years ago under a different name, passing though 3 different names before finally coming to be Karr Fall. I joined mainly for the artistic possibilities that Second Life provides (highly customizable avatar makes photomanipper excited in his pixel pants). Met some great people and some not-so-great people (yeah you heard me right!).

But given all this I noticed one thing: we guys get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion, thus making it hard for us to look good for the ladies (and the ladies don’t like this no sir-ee). Well, that’s why I decided to start this blog; to help my fellow Y-chromosome humans to find the best of the best so they can look spiffy for the X-chromosome humans (or other Y’s, if that’s your preference ^_^).

So that’s about it. I’m going to try and update as often as i can. And seeing how bored I get that’s gonna be often, So stay tuned! ^_^.

– Karr